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Increase sales, nurture customer relationships, and provide growth for your small business with our customizable, cloud-based business management solutions.

LionO360 CRM empowers small and medium-sized businesses to automate business processes. Our four powerful modules help you increase productivity and drive actions while streamlining communications across your organization.

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One stop shop for CRM needs.

The first complete business management software for small business with CRM, Inventory, Accounting, and much more.

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Why LionO360?

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Close More Sales

Drive leads through your pipeline and increase your close rate with powerful sales process automation.

Get Visibility into the Field

Verify important information during onsite visits, such as confirming the rep’s location within 1,000 feet.

Empower Field Reps

Put inventory into rep’s hands and let them create and close invoices - all from their phone or tablet.

Reduce Travel Time

Cut travel time in half with one of the only CRMs with real-time route management.

Gather Customer Insights

Create questionnaires to gather information while onsite to ensure proper service and improve operations.

Save Money with One Tool

Reduce costs and eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone use of multiple spreadsheets.

The ultimate small business management platform

How can LionO360 help you?


Nurture customer relationships with a 360° view and intelligent sales automation.


Manage product orders and automate your warehouse inventory.

Field Service

Track, plan, and manage your field service visits with LionO360



"The best CRM systems for your small business 2019"

CEO World

"Startup of the Year | Technology Services - GOLD WINNER - LionOBytes | Princeton, NJ USA | Disrupting CRM market with LionO360 platform"

Network Product Guide IT World Award

"Startup of Year | Information Technology Software - GOLD WINNER – LionOBytes | Princeton, NJ USA | The launch of its flagship CRM solution, LionO360"

We’re Committed to Your Success

Get Up and Running Quickly with Limitless Support

We’re committed to your success. We back up these statements by offering truly unlimited support.

LionO360 is easy to use with little to no training, so you can spend more time converting leads and serving customers, and less time watching tutorials. Our customer service team will assist with onboarding, including uploading your existing customer data files.

Cloud-Based App Eliminates Infrastructure Hassles and Ensures Consistent Info

As a cloud-based application, LionO360 eliminates the burden of managing infrastructure. Additionally, any changes you make, such as altering the visit-questionnaire, are instantly available to all users. With cloud-based systems, everyone is working with the same, current information.

With LionO360, your data is secure. Information such as payment and personal information is protected by encrypted socket layer technology.

View Inventory Movement in Real Time and get the Insights Needed for Forecasting

With LionO360, you can put inventory into your reps’ hands so they can create and close invoices to record sales - all from their phone at the customer's location. Track customer orders from start to finish with warehouse inventory management and know exactly where your products are at any given time. See where items are sold, by which reps, and from which warehouse.

Communicate with Your Team, Let Reps Announce Accomplishments, and Foster a Competitive Spirit

Quickly and instantly send messages to your entire team with LionO360 “Stream.” Efficiently connect your teams and facilitate communication, rather than flooding inboxes with mass email chains. Inform staff of announcements such as new promotions they should be discussing with customers. Foster a competitive spirit and motivate your sales reps by enabling them to announce their accomplishments in real time.

Customize without Coding

LionO360 has the flexibility to easily adapt to your business. Adding custom account types, new data fields, onsite visit questions, and customizing user roles is quick, simple, and requires no coding whatsoever. You can also customize charts and dashboards as well as the view for your entire organization to display the most important info in the most prominent location.

Reduce Customer Churn by Gathering & Analyzing Customer Feedback

LionO360 provides the functionality you need to not only empower your staff to provide excellent service, but also let your customers be heard. Gather and analyze customer feedback beyond just bug fixes. Customizable dashboards and reports let you analyze these insights to adapt your product and service offerings to meet their needs – before your competitors do.

Understand the possibilities:

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Prevent Inventory Loss with Automated Warehouse Management

Proper warehouse management is essential to ensuring the quantities in stock accurately match your records. In this white paper, we provide tips for preventing inventory loss, a problem facing many retail and manufacturing businesses. We’ll cover ways to reduce labor costs while increasing accuracy.

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